Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Top 10

  1. Square,

  2. Tapjoy

    THIS may make help heath related Apps reach the needy masses.

    fueling mobile app growth through the use of in-app advertisements. Its 280 million users select which ads to engage with in exchange for receiving virtual currency that they can later use in their favorite apps. Its turnkey in-app advertising platform has monetized more than 11,0
  3. Foursquare

    For moving far beyond check-ins and adding services like daily deals, a recommender, and real-time geolocation alerts. Last year, the location-based social network partnered with Groupon, LivingSocial, and Scoutmob to offer live deals within its mobile app. It also rolled out Radar, an opt-in service that knows where you are and alerts you when you’re near a hospital,  restaurant or store
  4. Instagram

    For creating a beautiful, free photo-sharing service that lets regular people take professional-looking photos..
  5. Flipboard

    For bringing its addictive news- and social-media consumption app to the iPhone and making it even more irresistible.
  6. Shopkick

    For creating the first instant geo-couponing system that rewards users for stepping into retail stores. Shopkick has redefined the check-in-to-reap-rewards game by eliminating a step: the act of checking in.... good for disease surveillance.

  7. Twilio

    For easing app developers’ headaches by letting them add voice, SMS and VoIP functionality to their apps. Twilio provides easy-to-integrate phone and text services to its 75,000 developers. "The number-one thing we did was create access to telecommunications for developers, when before it was this black box...," says Danielle Moril
  8. Lookout

    For securing 15 million smartphones against mobile threats and reuniting lost phones with their owners. what about this
  9. Bump

    For creating the smartphone’s high-five: Tap devices to share content with a friend. More than 60 million people have downloaded this app, making it the seventh most popular free download of all time. Recent updates have added music and app sharing, as well as being able to "virtually bump" friends even when they aren’t nearby.

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